WTC #7

World Trade Center Building #7 at the half-way point of its 6.5 second free fall collapse.

This aspect of 9/11 is one of the more glaring reasons why what we are being told is not true. Many people you will talk to about Building #7 will either not know what you are talking about, or will think it was also hit by a plane. The fact is, #7 was farther away from the Twin Towers than other buildings were, yet it suddenly fell later on in the day. When you watch the following videos, make sure to note the central column of the building suddenly imploding. The evidence here is stunning, and that is the exact reason why you never hear about it.


Video broadcast by CBS – 1.4MB – mpeg
This 36 second video shows Building 7 from an elevated vantage point to the distant northeast.

Video from an NBC news camera – 1.5MB – mpeg
This 9 second video shows the Building 7 collapse from a vantage point about mile to the northeast on West Broadway.

Video broadcast on CBS – 1.7MB – mpeg
This 9.6 second video shows the Building 7 collapse from a vantage point only about 1000 feet to the north.

Larry Silverstein, the owner of the Twin Towers & #7 was interviewed on a special that aired on PBS, and within it, he says that just before the collapse he gave the order to, “pull it”. Since this, Silverstein has said he meant to pull the firefighters, but no firefighters were in or near the building. Everyone had been evacuated several hours before the collapse, and no firefighters were engaged on fighting the internal fires.

“Pull it” was used as a demolition term by the teams at Ground Zero however when they actually did a controlled demolition to building #6. Here’s some video and links on this for more details:

Building #7’s tenants included the Department of Defense, IRS, CIA, Securities and Exchange Commission (which investigate things like insider trading, which were at massive levels just days before 9/11), and more. WTC7 was possibly the place the detonators within the Twin Towers were set off from, and the detonation of the building #7 got rid of all that evidence forever, not to mention all the insider trading that had been done on the airline stocks just a day or two before 9/11. Like the Twin Towers, most of the debris from the crime scene that was Ground Zero was shipped to China and India and melted down.

After looking at this summary of what happened to that building, do you still believe it suddenly crumbled to the ground in a nice pile due to some fires from debris? If you do, think about this, have you ever seen the collapse of #7 on the news? Whenever any news channel talks about 9/11, they mostly focus on the Twin Towers, with some mention of the Pentagon. Not only are the images of the Twin Towers coming down a lot more powerful that anything else, they are the least obvious flaws in the official 9/11 story at first glance. Once again I ask, have you ever seen footage of WTC#7 on TV since the day it initially fell? I would bet you haven’t, and there is a very good reason you haven’t, it’s an obvious controlled demolition.



One Response to WTC #7

  1. Oh mt Gosh!! After all this time from 9/11 I have finally found someone else that believes demolition crews brought the towers.For years I have been fasinated with the controled demolition of buildings. When I saw what everyone els saw that day I was totally convinced that demolition charges had been set. Everyone I knew said I was nuts!! But those buildings coming down was exactly what the Bush regime had planed — the invasion & ensuing war on Iraq. Why? Not because of any bogus threat to the ppl of the US, but control of resources to be gained & to gain a foot hold into invading neighboring countries thru thier back door.
    Where was our president (if that is what we call him) Was he sitting in a class room of small children instead of attending to his duties? Great actor — not a murmur of expression when he was told that the deed was done, or was that something else? I honestly do not think that he was ever left out of the loop but knew exactly what was about to happen. If I am wrong then I will correct my way of thinking – but I doubt the need to do it. Barb S

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