Twin Towers

The entire reason for the attacks on the World Trade Center, and 9/11 overall, was that it gave a pre-text for a pre-conceived plan. The plan put into motion was published in 2000 by people like Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld, which was the “Project for a New American Century”, specifically the “Rebuilding America’s Defense” portion of the document. For details on that go the Pentagon section of this site. They needed this (what they called a “new Pearl Harbor”) so that the public would get behind a new war, what is essentially a world war, The War on Terrorism. The people and companies profiting off this war the most are the exact people that were supposed to protect us from such an attack.

The attack on the Twin Towers was the most significant aspect of 9/11 though, as you probably have noticed, it’s usually the only footage you see when 9/11 is mentioned on any news media. The iconic symbols on fire and then crumbling are used to anger people into war, and it worked perfectly, for a time. In December 2001, Bush’s approval rating was at 86%, but look where it is now. It goes from the low 30%’s to the low 40%’s. More people are seeing the lies, and more people are seeing the truth that happened on 9/11 more and more every day.

You only need to look at the footage from early in the day on 9/11 to see what actually happened there in New York.

For an excellent movie that focuses entirely on the World Trade Center, and how it was a controlled demolition, watch 9/11 Mysteries: DemolitionsYou can watch it for free here. 


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