40% See 2007 War With Iran As Second Carrier Deployed

January 4, 2007

40% See 2007 War With Iran As Second Carrier Deployed
Next phase of genocidal rampage in Middle East readied as deliberate destruction of Iraq continues

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, January 4, 2007

A new nationwide poll reveals that four in ten Americans predict the U.S. will go to war with Iran in 2007 as a second aircraft carrier is deployed to the Gulf, putting 5,000 more U.S. sailors in the region, bringing the total to 16,000 in a clear escalation towards a military air strike on the country.

A survey by Ipsos divulges that 40% of Americans think it “likely” that the U.S. will become involved militarily with Iran this year, 11% more than the mere 29% that see coalition troops leaving Iraq.

Concurrently, a second aircraft carrier and escort ships have been sent into the Gulf in a threatening geopolitical gesture aimed at Iran and Syria. The USS John C. Stennis strike group will deploy later this month following in the footsteps of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower aircraft carrier group that entered the Gulf in December.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates called the move a reaffirmation that “We will be here for a long time and everybody needs to remember that.”

Televangelist Pat Robertson, an influential sage of the Neo-Con war machine and an icon of its radical ideological underpinnings, has predicted turmoil in 2007 after he claimed God had told him in a conversation that major U.S. cities would suffer mass terror attacks after September that would potentially kill millions of people.

Whether Robertson is simply recycling fearmongering propaganda or not, the fact remains that Dick Cheney’s USSTRATCOM contingency plan calls for attacking Iran in the immediate aftermath of a ‘second 9/11’ – no matter who is behind it – which of course is going to be the cabal Dick Cheney fronts for itself and the same pack of murderers that are actively seeking to initiate global ethic cleansing and genocide to bring about world war three.

Having tried and failed to do Israel’s bidding in completely taking over the Middle East by organized military campaigns, the Bush administration has enacted “Plan B,” a blueprint favored by the Zionist state’s most bloodthirsty adherents all along, which is simply to engender mass chaos and civil war across the entire region and let Sunni and Shia Muslims kill off each other.

Israeli strategy documents dating back decades outline the method of breaking up Iraq along sectarian borders by playing the different sects off against each other by means of staged bombings, targeted assassinations and jingoistic manipulation of the political process.

The “accidental” release of the cell phone Saddam hanging video was a deliberate ploy to further escalate sectarian strife and act as a catalyst for more carnage.

President Bush’s recent announcement of a “surge” of 20,000 to 30,000 more troops is not designed to win the war or create better security, it’s a simple means of keeping the chaos and resentment that has sunk the country into a civil war bubbling. The first step to ending the holocaust that has claimed 655,000 lives in the last three and a half years alone would be to withdraw all U.S. forces immediately – which is why it’s never going to happen as long as this criminal cabal remains in power.

The deliberate destruction of Iraq is continually masked by perceptions dutifully reinforced by the liberal and progressive media that the Bush administration’s incompetence alone is to blame for the catastrophe. There’s no doubt that the initial invasion and its immediate backfiring was a result of inflated imperial hubris and outright ineptitude. But events since Bush’s flight suit charade offer no other conclusion than the fact that what we are seeing is order out of chaos – there is so other possible reason for the disaster of policies that leave only 5% of Iraqis feeling they are better off today than they were under Saddam.

The house to house raids, the mass detentions, the Mosque bombings, the Saddam show trial and execution – all these measures are designed to enflame tempers and keep in place the strategy of tension.

The Neo-Con war whores have started a genocidal purge that will not be restricted by borders, rationality, “international law,” nor any other usual bulwark. Our only refuge is to try and educate the Arab world that they are being manipulated by the empire’s old and tried method of divide and conquer – and only through reconciliation and unity will they have a chance of providing a safe environment for their children and a region free of continued bloodshed.


Saddam Executed: The Secrets That Died With Him

December 31, 2006

How the West armed Saddam, fed him intelligence on his ‘enemies’, equipped him for atrocities – and then made sure he wouldn’t squeal

London Independent | December 31, 2006
Robert Fisk

We’ve shut him up. The moment Saddam’s hooded executioner pulled the lever of the trapdoor in Baghdad yesterday morning, Washington’s secrets were safe. The shameless, outrageous, covert military support which the United States – and Britain – gave to Saddam for more than a decade remains the one terrible story which our presidents and prime ministers do not want the world to remember. And now Saddam, who knew the full extent of that Western support – given to him while he was perpetrating some of the worst atrocities since the Second World War – is dead.

Gone is the man who personally received the CIA’s help in destroying the Iraqi communist party. After Saddam seized power, US intelligence gave his minions the home addresses of communists in Baghdad and other cities in an effort to destroy the Soviet Union’s influence in Iraq. Saddam’s mukhabarat visited every home, arrested the occupants and their families, and butchered the lot. Public hanging was for plotters; the communists, their wives and children, were given special treatment – extreme torture before execution at Abu Ghraib.

There is growing evidence across the Arab world that Saddam held a series of meetings with senior American officials prior to his invasion of Iran in 1980 – both he and the US administration believed that the Islamic Republic would collapse if Saddam sent his legions across the border – and the Pentagon was instructed to assist Iraq’s military machine by providing intelligence on the Iranian order of battle. One frosty day in 1987, not far from Cologne, I met the German arms dealer who initiated those first direct contacts between Washington and Baghdad – at America’s request.

“Mr Fisk… at the very beginning of the war, in September of 1980, I was invited to go to the Pentagon,” he said. “There I was handed the very latest US satellite photographs of the Iranian front lines. You could see everything on the pictures. There were the Iranian gun emplacements in Abadan and behind Khorramshahr, the lines of trenches on the eastern side of the Karun river, the tank revetments – thousands of them – all the way up the Iranian side of the border towards Kurdistan. No army could want more than this. And I travelled with these maps from Washington by air to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt on Iraqi Airways straight to Baghdad. The Iraqis were very, very grateful!”

I was with Saddam’s forward commandos at the time, under Iranian shellfire, noting how the Iraqi forces aligned their artillery positions far back from the battle front with detailed maps of the Iranian lines. Their shelling against Iran outside Basra allowed the first Iraqi tanks to cross the Karun within a week. The commander of that tank unit cheerfully refused to tell me how he had managed to choose the one river crossing undefended by Iranian armour. Two years ago, we met again, in Amman and his junior officers called him “General” – the rank awarded him by Saddam after that tank attack east of Basra, courtesy of Washington’s intelligence information.

Iran’s official history of the eight-year war with Iraq states that Saddam first used chemical weapons against it on 13 January 1981. AP’s correspondent in Baghdad, Mohamed Salaam, was taken to see the scene of an Iraqi military victory east of Basra. “We started counting – we walked miles and miles in this fucking desert, just counting,” he said. “We got to 700 and got muddled and had to start counting again … The Iraqis had used, for the first time, a combination – the nerve gas would paralyse their bodies … the mustard gas would drown them in their own lungs. That’s why they spat blood.”

At the time, the Iranians claimed that this terrible cocktail had been given to Saddam by the US. Washington denied this. But the Iranians were right. The lengthy negotiations which led to America’s complicity in this atrocity remain secret – Donald Rumsfeld was one of President Ronald Reagan’s point-men at this period – although Saddam undoubtedly knew every detail. But a largely unreported document, “United States Chemical and Biological Warfare-related Dual-use exports to Iraq and their possible impact on the Health Consequences of the Persian Gulf War”, stated that prior to 1985 and afterwards, US companies had sent government-approved shipments of biological agents to Iraq. These included Bacillus anthracis, which produces anthrax, andEscherichia coli (E. coli). That Senate report concluded that: “The United States provided the Government of Iraq with ‘dual use’ licensed materials which assisted in the development of Iraqi chemical, biological and missile-systems programs, including … chemical warfare agent production facility plant and technical drawings, chemical warfare filling equipment.”

Nor was the Pentagon unaware of the extent of Iraqi use of chemical weapons. In 1988, for example, Saddam gave his personal permission for Lt-Col Rick Francona, a US defence intelligence officer – one of 60 American officers who were secretly providing members of the Iraqi general staff with detailed information on Iranian deployments, tactical planning and bomb damage assessments – to visit the Fao peninsula after Iraqi forces had recaptured the town from the Iranians. He reported back to Washington that the Iraqis had used chemical weapons to achieve their victory. The senior defence intelligence officer at the time, Col Walter Lang, later said that the use of gas on the battlefield by the Iraqis “was not a matter of deep strategic concern”.

I saw the results, however. On a long military hospital train back to Tehran from the battle front, I found hundreds of Iranian soldiers coughing blood and mucus from their lungs – the very carriages stank so much of gas that I had to open the windows – and their arms and faces were covered with boils. Later, new bubbles of skin appeared on top of their original boils. Many were fearfully burnt. These same gases were later used on the Kurds of Halabja. No wonder that Saddam was primarily tried in Baghdad for the slaughter of Shia villagers, not for his war crimes against Iran.

We still don’t know – and with Saddam’s execution we will probably never know – the extent of US credits to Iraq, which began in 1982. The initial tranche, the sum of which was spent on the purchase of American weapons from Jordan and Kuwait, came to $300m. By 1987, Saddam was being promised $1bn in credit. By 1990, just before Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait, annual trade between Iraq and the US had grown to $3.5bn a year. Pressed by Saddam’s foreign minister, Tariq Aziz, to continue US credits, James Baker then Secretary of State, but the same James Baker who has just produced a report intended to drag George Bush from the catastrophe of present- day Iraq – pushed for new guarantees worth $1bn from the US.

In 1989, Britain, which had been giving its own covert military assistance to Saddam guaranteed £250m to Iraq shortly after the arrest of Observer journalist Farzad Bazoft in Baghdad. Bazoft, who had been investigating an explosion at a factory at Hilla which was using the very chemical components sent by the US, was later hanged. Within a month of Bazoft’s arrest William Waldegrave, then a Foreign Office minister, said: “I doubt if there is any future market of such a scale anywhere where the UK is potentially so well-placed if we play our diplomatic hand correctly… A few more Bazofts or another bout of internal oppression would make it more difficult.”

Even more repulsive were the remarks of the then Deputy Prime Minister, Geoffrey Howe, on relaxing controls on British arms sales to Iraq. He kept this secret, he wrote, because “it would look very cynical if, so soon after expressing outrage about the treatment of the Kurds, we adopt a more flexible approach to arms sales”.

Saddam knew, too, the secrets of the attack on the USS Stark when, on 17 May 1987, an Iraqi jet launched a missile attack on the American frigate, killing more than a sixth of the crew and almost sinking the vessel. The US accepted Saddam’s excuse that the ship was mistaken for an Iranian vessel and allowed Saddam to refuse their request to interview the Iraqi pilot.

The whole truth died with Saddam Hussein in the Baghdad execution chamber yesterday. Many in Washington and London must have sighed with relief that the old man had been silenced for ever.

Internationally Known Radio Talk Show Host, Jack Blood, Assaulted By Police & Arrested (Update)

December 18, 2006

I have personally spoken with Jack Blood and have been listening to him since early 2006.  His show follows The Alex Jones show, which is listened to by at least two million people ever day.  I have always believed that he is the most underrated radio talk show host out there, and I always enjoy the style of his show.  He’s been talking for the past week about an upcoming party in Austin, TX where a favorite band of his would be playing, and he invited everybody in town to come down for the show.  What resulted was a show indeed, but not one anybody came to see.

On Sunday morning, December 17, 2006, syndicated radio host Jack Blood was Pepper sprayed and arrested by Austin PD. He received multiple injuries to his Face, hands, arms, back, and legs in a 12 hour ordeal in police custody.

Following an after party for “The Arab League” with many fans and supporters of Jack Blood at the Jackalope on Austin Texas’s famous 6th street, Jack was standing at the back alley exit of the club waiting to leave, and talking to fans. Out of nowhere a fight broke out between two Hispanic males and one Caucasian victim who turned out to be an employee of the Jackalope.

The victim was knocked unconscious by the two perpetrators who were continuing to attack the defenseless victim. Without any fear for his own safety, Jack Blood jumped in and fended off the attackers and chased them away while dozens of onlookers witnessed the mêlée.

As Jack was standing over the unconscious victim to protect him from any possible further attacks until an ambulance could arrive, an Austin Police officer (APD Harvey 4694) came rushing into the scene and without identifying himself, or asking questions of the gathering mob… Proceeded to pepper spray Mr. Blood directly in the eyes, before violently cuffing him and hauling him off to jail.

No attempt was made to investigate the beating, or to identify the suspects of the assault.

The Victim was rushed to Breckenridge Hospital with a broken Nose and multiple injuries.

Jack Blood was transferred from the county jail receiving quarters to Breckenridge Hospital for high blood pressure and hypertension, where he was rigidly handcuffed to a gurney for 4 hours. He was not allowed to use a restroom, and several officers told him he would have to urinate in his cloths, an unacceptable command. Bottled urine samples were later illegally obtained by the authorities against Mr. Blood’s will.

“I did not ask to go to the hospital and refused treatment” said Jack Blood. “As I was not given the proper respect by my jailers, I fought back by unleashing a 3 hour Info-Tirade against Officer Harvey, making sure to wake him up every time he closed his eyes to sleep. Fair is fair and I will admit that they had a tiger by the tail trying to hold me,” said Blood.

A bit of humor interjected itself into the story when the doctor treating Mr. Blood admitted several times to both Blood and his jailer that he was a “Big Fan” of Deadline Live with Jack Blood, heard daily on 100.1 FM in Austin Texas. He vouched for Mr. Blood’s character to no avail.

Jack was released Sunday Afternoon with a promise to appear later in the week to face charges of Public Intoxication. “Yes I had a few drinks,” said Blood, “But I was in no way intoxicated, or a threat to the public. Indeed I believe that I was doing the officer’s job by jumping in to save a defenseless victim of what may have been a racially motivated attack. There are multiple witness, including the victim who are prepared to back my story,” Jack went on to say. “I Plan to fight the charges and clear my name.”

If this is the kind of treatment that Americans are to receive when standing up to help a fellow citizen in need, then we do indeed find ourselves in troubled times.

www.jackblood.com is currently awaiting a statement from the APD.

DEADLINE LIVE with Jack Blood airs live 2 – 4PM Central time on the Genesis Communications Network out of Minnesota, and can be heard for free in over 70 countries worldwide at www.gcnlive.com or on AM and FM radio stations across the USA

This is really disgusting. I hope Jack makes it to the studio today and tells us his story.

All police are not bad though, we have to remember that. We have to realize that most police are good people, and that they will not go through with the eventual police state that those who in power want to place USA under. It might be hard, but don’t stereotype the police (or military) as all bad, because that will only work against our cause of freedom

Update: To listen to Jack Blood’s show from Monday, December 18th, Right-click and Save the following the link.

Christmas Terror Attack: "Highly Likely"

December 11, 2006

Christmas terror attack ‘highly likely’

By Matthew Moore, Sunday Telegraph

An attempted terrorist attack in Britain over the Christmas period is “highly likely”, the Home Secretary said today.

John Reid

John Reid: We cannot guarantee to stop 100 per cent of attacks

John Reid said that around 30 conspiracies were under preparation, and the current threat level was “very high indeed”.

He told GMTV Sunday that he did not think it an attack was inevitable, but that “the terrorists only have to get through once, as they did on July 7, for us to see the terrible carnage that it causes”.

“Our security services have to be successful on every occasion to prevent that happening,” he said.

“I try to walk the tightrope between being truthful and honest about the threat to the public but, on the other hand, to say we are doing everything possible to combat it and to try to keep our lifestyle as near as possible to the British way of life.”

The Home Secretary added that he thought the battle against Islamic terrorism was likely to last longer than a generation.

Mr Reid’s comments echo statements made by last month by Tony Blair and Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the head of MI5, about the rising threat posed by Muslim fundamentalist terrorists. Mr Blair warned that Britain faced a “long and deep struggle” to defeat al-Qa’eda.

The official terror assessment, posted on the Government’s Intelligence website, currently rates the threat as “severe” – the second highest level.

“We ought to be very grateful to the people in the security services who work night and day to try to protect us,” Mr Reid said.

“We can never guarantee that we will get 100 per cent success but we do get 100 per cent effort from the security services.”


All we can hope is that they don’t run any more “drills” like they did on 7/7/05, and then coincidentally have the terrorists replicate the exact thing they are drilling for…at the exact same time.  It’s always bad when that happens, like it did on 9/11/01 and 7/7/05.  Those are just random coincidences of course though.

I would assume that a small to medium terrorist attack during the sacred Christmas season would be a shocking reminder to the general public that they should continue to be terrified of a terroristic threat, and that they should continue to submit to the will of the Government if they want “security”, which is defined as a constant state of threats and fear, apparently.

NBC: UCLA Police Taser Student For Not Showing ID

November 16, 2006

Click here for the video

This is like something out of a horror movie, you can hear the guy screaming and begging not to be tortured as they repeatedly hit him with the Taser shot. Tortured for not showing ID in America, this is what “serve and protect” has come to mean.

LOS ANGELES — A cell phone captured video of a 23-year-old student being administered multiple Taser shocks by UCLA police on Tuesday.

The UCLA student was hit with the Taser shocks multiple times while he was in the Powell Library Computer Lab.

Another student recorded the incident on a camera phone. On the video, Mostafa Tabatabainejad can be heard screaming during the incident, which took place at about 11:30 p.m., the Daily Bruin reported.

According to the paper, Tabatabainejad did not show ID to community service officers who were conducting a random check. UCLA police said Tabatabainejad was released by police after he was cited for obstruction/delay of a peace officer in the performance of duty.

The Daily Bruin reported that Tabatabainejad complained when an officer was escorting him from the lab and put his hand on one of Tabatabainejad’s arms. He allegedly yelled, “Get off of me,” according to the paper. He was then shot with the Taser, reported the paper.

The Daily Bruin reported that after he was hit, Tabatabainejad yelled, “Here’s your Patriot Act, here’s your f—ing abuse of power.”

Police said they thought Tabatabainejad was not harmed in the incident.

“If he was able to walk out of here, I think he was OK,” the sergeant said.

10 Year-Old Disciplined For Looking Up 9/11 Truth

November 8, 2006

Courageous youth stands up to accusation of viewing ‘terrorist’ information

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones | November 8, 2006

A fifth grader named ‘Mark’ reported to Alex Jones’ Infowars TV show by phone that he had been sent home with a disciplinary report for visiting 9/11 Truth websites such as Infowars.com.

The 10 year-old Steiner Ranch Elementary student– in Leander I.S.D. near Austin, Texas– says that he was browsing such sites during his Computer Lab class period when a fellow student informed on him– as though he were doing something wrong.

 Alex Jones interviewing the 10 year old on his TV show – Click to watch. 

“He just ran up to my teacher in front of the whole class, saying ‘he’s searching terrorist stuff about 9/11’.

His teacher was “all shocked” and said, according to the student, “Mark, you shouldn’t have been looking at conspiracy theory websites.”

Mark certainly did not think he was doing anything objectionable or ‘terrorism’ related.

“I was just searching the government websites which tell the truth– which they think is a conspiracy– and I get in trouble for it,” the fifth-grade student told Jones on his live TV show.

The student was sent to the Principal’s office to face disciplinary measures. Steiner Ranch Elementary Assistant Principal Amy Moore was reportedly surprised that the school’s IP filters hadn’t blocked the sites.

“They should have,” student Mark reports his Principal as saying.

He says that his principal checked the web history in his school web account, and was ‘surprised.’

“I was going to websites that tell the truth about 9/11. She thought it was all a conspiracy; I confronted her,” Mark said. “‘No, it’s all the truth,’ you know. Bush– and its not just him, a lot of other people– and they’re just trying to cover it up.”

The assistant principal then told the 10 year-old, “Don’t talk back to me” before sending him to sit in the hall and later back to class.

“He came home, and I couldn’t really be mad at him,” his father, who also spoke to Jones during the television program, admitted. “I just told him he should stay on task.”

Though Mark did nothing against school rules, he was treated otherwise. His classmate tattled on him; he was sent to the principal

According to the Steiner Ranch Elementary Student & Parent Handbook, students are restricted from accessing websites considered to be abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, damaging to another’s reputation, or illegal. It is also against the rules to ‘attempt to circumvent content filtered according to the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).’

However, the school makes no attempt to stifle political content, news media or public information on government activities– which would violate American rights to free speech.

So, by that yardstick, this student did absolutely nothing wrong, yet was subjected to scolding and accused before his peers.

This is part of a chilling pattern in our society, not only in regards to free speech, but in the right to pursuing alternative views and research information.

Relevant Transcript:

Mark: Yeah, There was this discipline report I got at my school. I had looked, I had went on to your website and my principal, you know I just went onto Infowars and stuff about 9/11and my principal said, “I can’t believe the filter didn’t pick that up.”

And they said it was inappropriate, and they were saying it was conspiracies. It was crazy.

AJ: Sure, what school was this in Austin, if you don’t mind my asking?

Mark: Steiner Ranch.

AJ: A spy saw you do more details

Mark: A friend, well, not even a friend, somebody else in my class–

AJ: A fellow thought criminal, yes.

Mark: He walks up to my teacher, yelling, “He’s looking at terrorist stuff.”

AJ: Sigh* That’s what I thought. And so, he said you were looking at terrorist stuff. As a member of the youth league, he denounced you to big brother. And then your teacher decided that it was serious enough to send you down to the Principal’s office?

Mark: Yes.

AJ; And this was a good lesson for the rest of your class. What, were there 22 or so.

Mark: Just about.

AJ: And so they all got a lesson that you were visiting on the school computer– something that said something about 9/11 and so it must be terrorist.

Mark: Yeah

AJ: And will you describe what happened at Steiner– middle school did you say?

Mark: Elementary School; 5th grade

AJ: 10 years old? Tell me what happened? Go through it for us.

Mark: I was just searching the government website which tells the truth which they think is a conspiracy and I get in trouble for it.

Mark: He said– he [the other student] just ran up to my teacher in front of the whole class: “He’s searching terrorist stuff about 9/11, and this, that and the other.” And the teacher was all shocked and said, “Mark, you shouldn’t have been looking at conspiracy theory websites.”

AJ: But that wasn’t enough, she needed to report you.

Mark : she sent me down to the Principal’s Office–Amy Moore– She said, “I can’t believe the filter didn’t pick it up. It was supposed to.” She was just surprised to see me going there. I confronted her with the truth and she said, “Hey don’t talk back to me.” cause she was just scared to — know you– face the truth.

AJ: So when you just said this was the truth, she said ‘don’t talk back.’

Mark: Yes

AJ: You talk back like that any time you want to. Weak minded people like that who think you’ve done something wrong when you talk about 9/11 being an inside job. You said it was a government site– were you looking up something like Northwoods?

Mark: No, they wrote down a couple of them.

AJ: Oh, she said they were gonna lock those down?

Mark: No, they got these websites from going into my profile.

AJ: so they blocked some of them?

Mark: They got into my profile

AJ: They were looking at what you had visited. You have to be watched and– I understand, it’s part of the new freedom. What did you say to her when she said you were talking back?

Mark: I said I was going to websites that tell the truth about 9/11. She thought it was all a conspiracy; I confronted her: I said, ‘No, it’s all the truth,’ you know. Bush– and its not just him, a lot of other people– and they’re just trying to cover it up. She said, ‘Don’t talk back to me.’

AJ: Well, I’m very proud of you. You say your name’s Mark?

(More can be heard in the video above)

Zogby Agrees 95% with 650,000 Iraqi Death Count Study

October 17, 2006

Reported by CNN International – click to watch.

Another case of CNN reporting one thing within the United States and something very different to its international audience.

Zogby polls are used to predict the winner of every recent Presidential race, and are viewed as the most credible agency out there when it comes to polls and estimates.

In contrast with the 650,000 person estimate established through scientific means, the US claims less than 40,000 civilians have lost their lives through violence since the US invasion.

In the US, the recent Lancet report on Iraqi civilian deaths being over the 650,000 mark was glossed over and US government denials and comments from George Bush dominated the reporting.

Outside the US, the fraudulent nature of the US government’s Iraqi civilian death count is openly discussed.

This is just more evidence that the US is the most heavily propagandized nation on Earth.