The following will be a combination of videos, polls, & pictures showing the overwhelming evidence & thought that 9/11 was an inside job. This section will be updated regularly. For my photo album, where I have several photographs of propaganda documented, click here.


Full-Length Films


(The C-Span videos are some of the best, the person who uploaded them also edited in footage about what Professor Jones is talking about.)

  • Interesting video on the 7/7 London bombings and how they had exact terror drills going on at the same time as the actual attack. The same thing happened on 9/11, which confused NORAD and made them stand down, thinking the hijacked plane reports were only the drill they had planned for the day.
  • JFK Speech on Secret Societies
    Whoever uploaded the speech attached a slideshow of pictures so that it could be posted on YouTube. Some of the pictures fit very well, and some are kind of goofy. Focus on the speech, not the pictures.


Polls (click for full view of poll)


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