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Was President Bush behind all this?

No. It’s that belief that hurts the 9/11 truth movement. I’m sure it’s easier for those who already dislike or hate the President to swallow the theory of 9/11 being an inside job, but it’s not a requirement. The truth movement spans any supposed political stance, because the whole point of the movement is a cry for truth and explanation.

Who planned and orchestrated 9/11 then?

A select few global elite have planned it for years. Like I talk about in the Pentagon section, the people that are visibly in power talk about needing a “new Pearl Harbor” if they are to do what they need to do concerning the Middle East. It was done by the ultra powerful who are completely in bed with large corporations. Production and profit in many industries skyrocket when there is war, and they want nothing but it. Criminal elements of our government and other governments do not value human life, and only care about power and money, and that is the exact reason 9/11 happened. Some of the people involved may have been “extremist Americans” however, who believed they needed to fake a Middle East attack on the US, before the growing threat of Islam grew out of hand.

Those type of people believed the sacrifice of 9/11 was needed to wake up the American people to the threat overseas and make them support a new war, or actually, multiple wars. This is not unlike Pearl Harbor, where it’s actually taught in school these days that the Government was most likely complacent with the Japanese attack. The US Government knew we needed to get into WWII and help its allies with actual troops and not just money and supplies, but the American public would have never supported it and had adopted an isolationist attitude. That is the reason they allowed Pearl Harbor to take place, as a wake up call to the mass public, and so that the Government could do what was needed in World War II. The orchestration of 9/11 is similar to that, but with a much more sinister force and outcome.

Do you support the Democrats?

Not particularly. I have beliefs that fall on both sides, but I don’t believe in the entire left/right paradigm. The American public is given a false left/right paradigm so that they spend time arguing about issues of non-importance most of the time (gay marriage for example) while the global elite pass bill after bill, using whatever party is in power as their tool. For example, Bush senior would introduce some bills, and Clinton ended up signing them, both parties are controlled by the same powers, and most people have a hard time grasping that. Now of course not everyone in Government is aware of this and controlled. Only high-ups in each party are in the pocket of the globalists/corporations, but it doesn’t seem we’ll ever get a President that isn’t. There is one President that dared call out these, “secret societies” as he called them, that control the powers of the Presidency, and that man was JFK. I’ll have more on him when I update this section in the near-future. In closing though, I do believe the Democrats gaining some power in the House or Senate would be a good thing. It certainly can’t be any worse than it is now, and there is the chance that some unrestrained Democrat will gain the ability to begin a true investigation of 9/11 and the mysterious events surrounding it. Our Government was created to have constant checks and balances, and currently, we have none, I think the Democrats getting some power would maybe give us some semblance of that, or maybe at least the illusion of that.

Why bother with this site or worrying about 9/11?

I bother with this site because I have researched the evidence concerning 9/11 for close to 2 years, and throughout those years, seen more and more evidence that made me believe the official story was a lie. Many other sites have the time, resources, and money to organize and document this information better than I do, but I wanted to at least put something out there to help me at least organize my own thoughts, and hopefully get a simple site together where I can organize the most glaring oddities about 9/11. I also like to talk about current events concerning what is going on in the world, and since 9/11 has become a foundation event of a lot of what is going on today, this site will be a good place to post about it.

Not only do I want the truth about 9/11 to come out, or for the Government to somehow prove everything they saw, but I also worry about what is happening and what will happen to this world due to 9/11 happening. If 9/11 was a lie, the tens of thousands already dead in the War in Iraq died over a lie. The 3,000 US troops (not counting injured) that have died, would have died for a lie, etc. It’s very important that there is no question in anyone’s mind that 9/11 happened the way they say it did, and unfortunately, we obviously do not have that, according to these polls:

Click for larger view
A third, more recent poll showed that 36% of Americans believe 9/11 was an inside job or allowed to happen. The poll was a telephone poll of 1,000 people and it was done by the reputable Scripps Howard News Service. The results of this poll received mainstream coverage and most of the news media displayed confusion and outrage, and likened 9/11 truth seekers with UFOs and the Twilight Zone. Of course, such tactics are expected when the evidence is not on your side. Here’s one article that puts a negative spin on the results of the poll.

More questions posted soon!


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