Loose Change / Popular Mechanics Debate (updated with Video)


On Democracy Now, a nationally syndicated and independent news program broadcast on over 450 channels in North America, the first ever debate between Loose Change and their most vocal debunkers took place Monday morning. Dylan Avery, writer and director for Loose Change, and Jason Bermas, who did research for the movie, debated David Dunbar and James Meigs, two Popular Mechanics editors who are now profiting off a book they have published supposedly debunking 9/11 myths that “can’t stand up to the facts”.

I don’t want to go piece by piece through what was said, since you can listen to it for yourself here (debate begins at the 17 minute mark), but I do want to say a couple things after listening to it.

Update: Click here to watch the video.

First off, the Popular Mechanics guys were very disrespectful in their manner. Not only would they pick at things like the music used in the movie or calling Dylan and Jason by their first names, but they compared the 9/11 Truth movement to Holocaust deniers, among other things. That is probably one of the most offensive things they could have said, and it shows they can’t debate the facts when they have to resort to off-topic cheap shots.

Dylan and Jason on the other hand called David and James, Mr. Dunbar and Mr. Meigs (not a big deal, but still goes to show you who is acting more mature in the situation). They also laid out hard-hitting facts presented in Loose Change and asked David or James to “debunk” them, David and James either completely ignored what was said, or made sweeping generalizations like:

JAMES MEIGS: You know, this is a wonderful example of how conspiracy theories work. Any time there’s a little bit of doubt, a little bit of area where we don’t know everything, then the answer immediately is, well, someone must have blown it up. It’s a form of argumentation that’s also used by creationists. If they can find one little gap in the evolutionary record, they say evolution’s a hoax. Or Holocaust deniers —

DYLAN AVERY: Mr. Meigs, with all do respect, these are two completely different things. J

AMES MEIGS: Holocaust denial works with very similar —

DYLAN AVERY: Oh, my God!

and James Meigs even went on to say,

“Yeah. We didn’t fact check every detail of Loose Change, but what we did do was look at the broad cross-section of conspiracy theories.”


Several editors of Popular Mechanics took part in the hit pieces on Loose Change, one of them being the cousin of the Secretary of Homeland Security, Micheal Chertoff. That fact was denied several times until it was a widely-known fact and was confirmed by calling the Chertoff home, and now their defense is, “It doesn’t matter.” If it didn’t matter, why lie about it to begin with? Either way, these editors get together and completely pick-and-choose what aspects of Loose Change and the Truth movement to “debunk”.

They can’t explain any of the hard-hitting facts shown in Loose Change, and that was proven in yesterday’s debate. It’s good to see Popular Mechanic’s credibility taken away finally, now it’s time to focus energy on something else other than an historically biased publisher.

One other things I would like to mention is that in the debate, David Dunbar I believe it was, says repeatedly, “This is not a movie Dylan” after he was done stating his opinion. He was insinuating each time that Loose Change was being disrespectful to those who lost their lives. Now let’s look at what is going on here, Loose Change cost Dylan, James, and others money to produce, they’ve spent $10,000+ that I’ve heard of, and they are giving out the movie for free, and always have. Popular Mechanics has sold magazines with the cover story of debunking 9/11 myths, and now is selling a $15 book about it.

Who is capitalizing off the lives of the people who died? The people who want a new investigation on what happened due to all the unanswered questions, or those who are cashing in on their deaths? Once again, you can download and listen to the debate here, it begins 17 minutes in, there’s also a transcript of the debate here.  You can watch a video of the full debate here.


One Response to Loose Change / Popular Mechanics Debate (updated with Video)

  1. stinker says:

    Be sure to check out the book “Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory” due out in March by Dr. David Ray Griffin.



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